• She worked for the State Board of Health from 1918 to 1976

  • Annie Hill was a mid-wife for 58 years in Lake Placid

  • In that time she delivered 1,500 babies

Nurse, mid-wife Annie Hill was born on December 26, 1891, in High Springs, Florida, and passed on in 1988, at the age of 92.   Annie Hill worked with the State Board of Health from 1918 to 1976 in the field of Mid-Wifery.  In that time, she has had the pleasure of delivering 1,500 babies, both black and white during her 58 years as a nurse in Highlands County, Florida.  She resigned her position due to changes in the law.

Mid-Wifery is as old as humanity.  Mid Wives are the most common birth attendants in many parts of the world.  In the 1930s, two small nurse Mid-Wifery programs began.  Today, there are more than 40 programs in the United States. 

The love of her profession was not her only passion.  Annie Hill, at the early age of nine, made the decision to follow the Lord.  Annie Hill truly loved people, and she served them with much strength and vigor.  Many young people owe their beginnings in the church and the Masonic Organization to her efforts to give them the opportunity. 

She was a faithful and ardent worker of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church where she served as a missionary and bible teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Emeritus President of mission, organizer of the Prayer Band, President of Sunlight Pallbearer Charitable Society No. 146.  She also served in the Masonic Family as past Most Ancient Matron of the Heroines of Jericho and the Order of the Eastern Star. 

Annie married Deacon James Hill, and their family grew to six children, two sons, and four daughters.  


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