Watching From The Past
  • The last known sighting of a red wolf in L.P. area was in 1917 at Lake Istokpoga
  • Red wolves were gone from Florida in the early 1920's: now 250 animals are in captivity & the wild
  • A Captive breeding program started with 14 red wolves and saved them from the brink of extinction

These beautiful red wolves were listed as endangered in 1967, and the first red wolf was placed in a zoo in 1969,  In 1980, the last of the wild red wolves were placed in captivity, and the red wolf was declared extinct  in the wild.  A captive breeding program with 14 animals saved these beautiful creatures from the brink of extinction.  Now there are approximately 250 red wolves in captivity and in the wild in the United States.  There is a pair of red wolves on St. Vincent's Island off the cost of Apalachicola.  There are twenty-two captive breeding facilities in the U.S.

The red wolf is of medium size and resembles a coyote, however, its ears and legs are longer and it is more robust.  At the age of two or three, red wolves become sexually mature.  They mate for life and both the male and female participate in rearing the young.  Breeding occurs in December through February and March,  and pups are born in April, May, and early June.  Red Wolves establish dens in hollow tree trunks, stream banks and abandoned dens of other animals, drainpipes and culverts.  In costal regions, they excavated dens in sand knolls.  Pip mortality in the wild is significant due in part to severe heartworm and intestinal parasite infections.

The diet of the red wolf includes whatever small to medium sized mammals occur in abundance within their area.  their diet consists of rabbits, carrion, deer, hogs, raccoons, rodents, frogs and turtles.  It also may depend heavily on white-tailed deer.


The Florida red wolves preferred warm, moist densely vegetated habitat and could be found in both upland and wetland areas, occupying pine forests, bottomland hardwoods and costal marshes.

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Terry Smith Lake Placid Woman's Club at N. Main Ave and E. Park Street - South Wall 30 ft wide x 10 ft high Mary Behler in honor of A. Donald Behler Find two pair of eyes, two mice, one squirrel. Watch the wolf eyes follow you N/A

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