Tropical Bank Robbery
  • Ten year old Grady Parrish was instrumental in foiling an attempted bank robbery
  • The intended robbery was at the Tropical State Bank
  • This mural is painted on the spot where the Tropical State Bank was located

The mural depicts the first bank robbery in Lake Placid. It happened in September, 1931. Ten-year-old Grady Parrish was waiting for a haircut in R.T. Morgan's Barber Shop. Mrs. T. W. Loftin, Sr., getting her hair cut, pointed out two men passing by the shop wearing wigs, one red, one black. Young Grady waited as long as he could before curiosity got the best of him, and he went outside to follow what he thought were men from the circus. By that time, the men had entered the Tropical State Bank, next door, and were holding up the bank manager, B.F. Williams, and tellers Myra McAuley and Helen Thomas. Young Parrish ran to tell his Daddy, O.C. Parrish, Sr., who told him to "Go get Tom". Tom was Town Marshall Tom Bozeman. As Grady raced to the Bozeman home, Tom responded to his shouts and came out the door strapping on his weapon. Stopping by the town office, he picked up a shotgun and proceeded to the bank, accompanied by the senior Parish. Arriving at the bank as the hold-up men were trying to make their get-a-way, guns cocked, Bozeman was forced to shoot one of the robbers before both were captured. Later Bozeman was given $100.00 by the bank owners for capturing the bandits, and Grady was rewarded $10.00 for his part in foiling the crime.

The mural is painted on the spot where the Tropical State Bank was located. The original building was destroyed in a 1991 fire, which ravaged most of the buildings in the block of Main Street from Interlake Boulevard to Park Avenue.

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Richard Currier Corner of Main St. and Interlake Blvd. 48 ft wide by 18 ft  high Jean & Grady Parrish Find the 4 Dollar signs N/A

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