Richard Archbold & Archbold Biological Station
  • Richard Archbold (1907-1976): Explorer, Aviator, and Patron of Science

  • He founded (1941) Archbold Biological Station, 8 miles south of Lake Placid

  • He was founding member (1945) of Glades Electric Cooperative

            After leading three biological expeditions to New Guinea (1933-1939), Richard Archbold founded the Archbold Biological Station in 1941 at the Red Hill Estate, donated by John A. Roebling II.  The Station is now recognized internationally for its ecological research on the Florida scrub.

            The mural shows all aspects of the Station’s mission: land management through prescribed burning for plant community maintenance; ecological research through studies of plants and animals; and education through class visits (K-college).  These activities guide conservation of the globally imperiled Florida scrub and the remaining natural areas of Florida’s Heartland.

            The mural closes with the scene of a family’s rural home being connected to Glades Electric, Richard Archbold’s long-cherished aspiration for the entire community.

            Recognizable people pictured from left to right: Richard Archbold, as a young aviator: John A. Roebling II, donator of the Red Hill Estate, and Richard Archbold.  Archbold staff conducting a controlled burn, Kevin N. Main, Roberta L. Pickert, Kristin Snow and Bert G. Crawford. Archbold scientists: Glen E. Woolfenden, James N. Layne, and Mark A. Deyrup.  Frances A. Hufty, Richard Archbold’s sister and Chairman of the Board.  The closing section recognizes Willie Chapel, who recently retired after 50 years of service at Glades Electric.

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Keith Goodson Miller’s Central Air, 19 W. Interlake Blvd., and down Service Alley 184 feet wide by 8 feet high


Archbold Biological Station, Millers’s Central Air, Glades Electric Coop., Sherrod Contracting, Total Group Benefits, Publix Supermarket, Seacoast National Bank, Wal-Mart, Lake Rachard Estates, Ltd., and Councilor, Buchanan and Mitchell.

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