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Ink Spots

  • For nearly 40 years The Lake Placid Journal has been a hometown newspaper
  • The Dalmation puppies are tearing the first paper published by the new owners
  • You can read the first two pages of the paper on the mural

The mischievous nature of three Dalmation puppies comes to life in "ink spots", a mural that reflects the history of Lake Placid through the perspective of its hometown newspaper of nearly 40 years, The Journal. 

Having already chewed up a gardening trowel next to a pot of Lake Placid's world-famous caladiums, the puppies are climbing on a crate of citrus.  This great bears one of Lake Placid's early labels, Bark Canoe.  They are having a wonderful time tearing up the first edition of the Lake Placid Journal published by longtime owners the Lamonte and Emmalene Moore.

Since the Moores acquired The Journal in March 1963, the weekly newspaper has remained a family affair and today continues under the ownership of the Moores' daughter, Constance Delaney.  Over the years, Constance Delaney's five children have contributed to its management.

After starting in the newspaper business in Largor, Ind., Lamonte and Emmalene Moore eventually settled in Lake Placid and spent their lives affectionately promoting this town.  Lamonte Moore was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club and a steadfast supporter of youth baseball. 


Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio Date
Chad Hickey Inside The Lake Placid Journal Plaza on N. Main Avenue 12 ft wide x
7 ft high
Lake Placid Journal Look for hidden names N/A July

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