Florida Beautiful
  • This mural portrays our unique environment here in Lake Placid
  • Many of the children depicted were classmates of the artist's husband
  • This mural teaches our children about their environment and the love of are

One of our murals often goes unnoticed.  It is painted above the cafeteria doors at Lake Placid Elementary School.  Tucked away a short drive or walk from DeVane park, the mural further explores our rural culture.

Classmates of the artist's husband are depicted.

This mural carries on the Turkey Hunt theme portraying our unique environment.  Here we see reflections of old Florida. 

Llewellyn Rinald's impression blends school children at play near a creek.  Our children have the unique opportunity to learn about each other from a wide variety of backgrounds held together by some very basic common threads---respect and dignity. 

Scattered throughout the artwork are birds and other animals registered as endangered---among them the same help sandhill crane, wood ibis, and the very shy Florida panther . 

This mural was not placed by accident.  It is hoped this daily reminder may help our children and all of us to understand why our natural environment is special in worth saving . 

To view the mural, please register at the school's office first.    

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Llewellyn Rinald Above Cafeteria Doors in Lake Placid Elementary School 30 ft wide x 15 ft high Llewellyn Rinald N/A N/A

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