• Highlands Airboat Association works with LAKEWATCH policing our lakes
  • Most airboats are made with an airplane engine and they 'fly' across the water
  • Fish and game officials routinely use airboats to reach remote or inaccessible lake areas

No other vehicle navigates our waterways with such ease.  With nothing below the waterline except the smooth underside of the hull, these craft are environmentally friendly.  In fact, scientists and fish and game officials routinely use airboats to reach remote or inaccessible areas of our waterways.

Floridian Glen Curtis built the first airboat in 1920 and called it, "the flying boat."  By 1933, airboats were on the market.

An airplane engine, stick, steering cables and rudder are airboat essentials, just as these parts are essential in most aircraft.  And if it had wings, it would probably fly.

While airboats are used for recreation, the Highlands Airboat Association uses their airboats to help maintain our area lakes.  Working in cooperation with LAKEWATCH, property owners, water management agencies and air boat association members spend hundreds of volunteer hours systematically policing litter and keeping tabs on otherwise unreachable parts of our lakes.

The association welcomes anyone who wants to join---with or without an airboat.  And along with helping preserve our lakes, association members have a good time and throw monthly barbecues as an excuse to socialize. 

Airboat rides are also offered in this area.

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Keith Goodson Corner of Interlake Blvd and Eucalyptus Street 28 ft wide x 12 ft 8 inches high Highlands Airboat Association Look for an alligator N/A

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