Toby`s Clown School
  • Clowns shown are the Auguste clown (German), White Face (English) & Hobo (American)
  • These are three clowns living in our town, graduates from Toby's Clown School
  • Lake Placid boasts more clowns per capita than any other town in Florida

Time out for fun! 

This mural proves that history can be entertaining.  Created in this mural are the three main types of clowns that come to us via American and European tradition. 

They are seated on a bench in the trompel'oeil tradition.  Balloons glide overhead to add a more contemporary flavor to the happy atmosphere. 

Lake Placid is home to Toby's Clown School, and Toby, aka Keith Stokes, sits on the right and, representing the Auguste a clown, a clown fashion which originated in Germany with wild hair, oversize shoes, and wild clothing---the brunt of clown jokes. 

Ora Mae Meggitt, as Gabby, exemplifies the white faced clown common in English history.  Gabby starts the fun, the intelligent one, always with tricks on her mind. 

Dick Meggett, on the left, captures America's famous hobo.  His handled is Roadrunner.  He traces his comical ancestry to the Great Depression when hobos rode railroad boxcars looking for work.  And since railroads generally did not supply toilet facilities in their boxcars, hobos appeared unshaven and were seldom bathed.  They cleaned sleep from their eyes and from their mouths with saliva.  Their grinning faces were white in those areas.

Toby's Clowns regularly provide delightful entertainment at area events and festivals. 

Lake Placid proudly claims the highest per-capita number of clowns of any community in the state. 

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
John Gutcher Ridge Abstract & Title on Main Street 7 ft wide x 13 ft high Toby's Clowns Find the Lady Bug N/A

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