Sandhill Cranes Dawn Patrol
  • Sandhill cranes reside here in our area of Florida the year round
  • They nest in and around water and they also enjoy our improved pasture lands
  • Sandhills are a beautiful gray bird and noted for their red cap of feathers

This mural shows a typical early morning sunrise over a marsh. The mist is just starting to clear to reveal four Sandhill Cranes finding an early morning feast.

The non-migratory Florida Sandhill Crane is an inhabitant of the scattered marshes and wet prairies throughout the state. These beautiful birds are seen from late fall through winter. Large nests containing two eggs are located in thick patches of marsh vegetation such as pickerel weed and maidencane.

Sandhills are often seen in improved pastures and open woodlands feeding on a variety and invertebrates. They are water birds, so they are often seen in and around lakes.

from their voice is a raucous and unmistakable, distinctly different from other large birds.  And they are easily identified by their cap of red feathers. 

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Thomas Brooks Lake Placid Woman's Club at Main Street and Park Street 18 ft 4 in wide x 9 ft high Robert and Harriet Porter N/A N/A

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