Lake Placid Drug
  • In 1925 Lake Placid had electricity only from 6:00 p.m. to midnight
  • Mrs. Crews was well known for her home cooking served at the soda fountain
  • Doc Crews treated many common illnesses of man and beast

Did you ever hang out at the local drug store's soda fountain?  You weren't the only one.  But our mural remembers a drug store featuring the irresistible fragrance of homemade pies and home cooking.

This mural depicts the oldest drug store in town.

In 1925, Lee Crews opened Lake Placid Drug.  A year later he married Lillian Dean, an elementary school teacher and one heckuva cook.

Back then, "Doc" Crews compounded most of his prescriptions.  He made suppositories, powders, syrups, and elixirs from raw chemicals.  He treated both man and beast, often summoned from home in the middle of the night.

This mural remembers a drug store that went through a fire some 50-or-so years ago, that served as an agency of both the Florida Motor Lines and Greyhound, and then moved to its present location in the 1950s.

The business has spanned three generations.  Charlie and Dee Dee Stidham bought Lake Placid Drug around the mid-1960s.  Their son, Dean, joined the pharmacy in 1982.

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
John Gutcher Lake Placid Drug Store on Interlake Blvd. 12 ft wide x 7 ft 8 in high Lake Placid Drug Store Look for the ties to the Turpentine and Clown Murals. N/A

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