• Florida has more Bald Eagles than any other state, with the exception of Alaska
  • Eagles' population declined through habitat destruction & environmental contamination
  • Concentrated efforts to protect wetlands & nest sites statewide will ensure their existence

An eagle family living on the beautiful lake shore of Istokpoga is pictured in this mural. The female brings food to her eaglets while her partner can be seen flying in to help feed and protect the family.

Eagles are one of the largest and most powerful birds in the world. Outside Alaska more Bald Eagles live in Florida than any other state. The Bald Eagle has experienced population declines throughout most of its ranges due to habitat destruction and environmental contamination. Despite the loss of many of Florida's wetlands, Bald Eagles are still abundant here. their nests are usually built in tall pine trees near lakes, marshes, or coastlines. Paired eagles will use the same site year after year, adding new material each season until nests become quite large. Two to three eggs are laid during late fall or winter. Young eagles are fed by both parents a varying diet dominated by fish, but supplemented by large wetlands birds. Despite Florida's large eagle population, our national symbol is under continuous pressure due to habitat loss and increased human disturbance. Only concerted efforts to protect wetlands and nets sites statewide will ensure the continued existence of this magnificent bird.

ref: Florida's Bird

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