Honoring Early Physicians
  • These three doctors were beloved by our community

  • This was the time when you could have an office visit and pay $2.00 - $3.00 for a house call

  • Dr. Alfred Eide served from 1930 to 1941

  • Dr. D.W. Crankshaw arrived in 1948

  • Dr. Norman Tylar arrived in 1959

It's difficult to have much heritage and history if everyone gets sick.  Finding doctors willing to practice in a remote rural area has never been easy.  Fortunately, three outstanding physicians spent many years caring for our residents.

Dr. Alfred Eide devoted 11 years of service from 1930 to 1941.  Born in Morris, Ill., and or Norwegian descent, Eide served several leading Chicago hospitals before moving here.  He is remembered for performing lab tests and mixing and dispensing his own drugs, all for a $2 fee.  If he had to make a house call, he charged $3.

A pioneer of holistic health, Dr. D. W. Crankshaw believed treating an ailment required treating the entire person.  A graduate of the University of Michigan, he received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1913.  He practiced medicine in Michigan and on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He and his unique approach to medical treatment arrived in Lake Placid in 1948.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Norman Tylar cared for Lake Placid's medical needs.  Born in Birmingham, England, his father sent both Norman and his brother to the United States for their education.  Tylar received his degree in medicine from Georgetown University and interned in Brooklyn, N.Y.  His first practice was in Tampa.  In 1959, he came to Lake Placid.  One of his pet projects was the physical well-being of high school athletes.  Anyone participating in sports received a regular free examination.

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