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The Post Office
  • This building is one of nine locations where the post office has been since 1919
  • The mules carried the mail from Arcadia in 1919 and were watered at Buck Lake
  • The mules bolted and the wagon, mail and mules went to the bottom of the lake

It was supposed to have been a routine mail delivery.  After all, on a regular basis mail was transported from Arcadia to Lake Placid and back, two days each way.  It took a couple of mules pulling a wagon to get the job done.

Along the way, and about four miles south of the Lake Placid Post Office, small Buck Lake was a great place to stop and let the mules get a drink.  So, there wasn't any reason for the mail carrier to be concerned.  But on this particular day, something frightened the mules and they bolted.  The whole rig, the mail and the mules all plunged into the lake that reaches over 60 feet at its deepest.  Divers say what remains of that accident lies at the bottom of Buck Lake to this day.

This mural commemorates that tragic event.  But it also honors John J. Hoy, Lake Placid Postmaster for 19 years, beginning in 1953.  He saw the first canceling machine arrive and a year later, a postage meter was installed.  He served as president of the National Association of Postmasters, Florida Chapter. Daisy Shackelford was his postal clerk.

Our first post office was built in a day.  On February 5, 1919, folks brought their drygoods boxes and constructed the office over by the railroad depot.  Two years later, Angus McAuley got the post office moved into his store and became postmaster.  The following year, in February, postal service as handled out of the Arcade Hotel at Interlake Boulevard and Main Street.

While Hoy was postmaster, the building that hosts this mural was built in 1963.  The Old Post Office building now houses the Greater Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center, the Mural Society, and the Lake Placid Board of Realtors.

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Richard Currier 18 N. Oak Street 70 ft wide by 14 ft 6 inches high Jeanette Hoy and Bob & Debbie Graves Find four mule shoes N/A

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