Turkey Hunt - The Lost Opportunity
  • Artist Thomas Brooks won the turkey stamp competition for Florida two years in a row
  • The Osceola turkey is very keen of eyesight and hearing and a challenge to hunt
  • This is a scene you can see in the Lake Placid area

This beautiful mural captures the mood of old rural Florida. The massive live oak trees, dripping with moss, make one feel they are going back in time. The old cattle pen aged and falling down is reminiscent of days of long ago. In the distance you can see cattle grazing in the open pasture land. Scenes like this are seen today along the back roads around Lake Placid.

Turkeys are abundant in this area and hunting is a favorite sport. The Osceola species of turkey is native to Florida. they are very cunning and have very Keen eyesight and hearing. It does not take much to spook them; therefore, the hunters know to remain as quiet as possible.

Hunters arise before dawn, don camouflage clothing, and conceal themselves in their hideaways.  Can you find the sleeping hunter with the turkeys all around?  We know the hunter is sleeping or the turkeys would be gone.

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Thomas Brooks On the Caladium Cottage Restaurant on Devane Circle 42 ft wide x 7 ft 8 in high The family, friends, and business associates, in memory of Louis Hanei Find the hunter N/A

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