Flushing Woodies
  • Wood Ducks (woodies) are making a comeback on the lakes of Lake Placid
  • Ecologists are installing Wood Duck boxes on many of our lakes to encourage nesting
  • Eggs incubate for thirty days and mated pairs produce eight to fifteen offspring

Soft white clouds sweep a backdrop for the wood ducks pulling off misty Lake Istokpoga in this mural of native wildlife.  The tall cypress trees flourish in swamps where their buttressed roots sink deep into wet soil, a cathedral-like environment woodies love.

The shy bird is rarely seen in the open.  They pair up during mating season and raise their family.  Mother duck performs all the incubation duties and nurtures the ducklings.

Wildlife conservation groups are supplying special nesting boxes, but on their own, woodies also like hollow trees or deserted woodpecker holes anywhere from four to sixty feet above the ground.  The clutch contains eight to 15 eggs and incubate for about a month.

Within 24 hours of hatching, the mother stands on the ground and calls them from their nest.  They drop to the ground and when they land they follow their mother to water.  Sometimes, the mother carries the ducklings one by one in her bill.  Other times they get a free ride on her back.

Artist Location Size Sponsor Note Audio
Wade Kapaldo Lake Placid Tourist Club at Interlake Blvd and Pine 13 ft 6 in wide x 8 ft high Wade Kapaldo N/A N/A

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