Stuck In Time
  • In 1927 Swain Bowers opened Lake Placid Motor Co. & provided employment to many

  • He served on a variety of boards and took pride in each opportunity to be of service

  • In 1927 he rescued three globally famous men stuck in sugar sand around Lake Annie

The following account is a highlight of his career: Around the year 1927 three men of national prominence took a road trip through Highlands County. They explained they started from Ft. Myers and were going to take the loop around Arcadia in a quest for goldenrod, which could possibly be used as a potential source of rubber.   Roads were primitive in nature and breakdowns were frequent.  The travelers had the misfortune of getting their Model-T stuck in the sand near Lake Annie.  The local motor company owner Swain Bowers was called to their rescue with his truck and chains to pull them out.  He found the thoroughly exhausted men with their car jacked up and they were putting palmetto fans under the tires for traction. The young entrepreneur would soon have this famous trio back on the road.  At some point Swain Bowers realized in amazement he had just met Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone all at the same moment!  Nearly ninety years ago!

Swain Bowers operated the Old Eagle service Station with his older brother.  In 1927 he opened the Lake Placid Motor Co., at that time on N. Main St. He and his wife Frances were members of many civic organizations.  He served for 12 years as Lake Placid School Board trustee. In addition, he was a member of L.P. Chamber of Commerce, the Cattlemen Association and National Auto Dealers Association. 

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